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Carrot crunchers are the country bumpkins from the little Hampshire farming community of Portsmouth. They are also known as Worzels.
Ize a wurzelling carrot cruncher from Portsmouth, ize is.
by City Lad July 18, 2008
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A wurzel is a farming bumpkin from the little Hampshire village of Portsmouth.
A straw-chewing wurzel: Ize a right pompey dinlo ize is.
by City lad July 18, 2008
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Bumpkins are residents of the small country town of Portsmouth in Hampshire. They dress like scarecrows and speak with a quaint rural dialect, using Romany words like dinlo and shant. These poor simpletons are also know as carrot crunchers or worzels.
Look at that pathetic bell-ringing bumpkin in the long blue wig.
by City Lad July 21, 2008
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Dinlow, or dinlo, is the Romany word for an idiot or fool. It has also been incorporated in the rural dialects of some farming communities, such as Portsmouth in Hampshire, where there is a large gypsy population.
A worzel overheard talking in a Portsmouth inn: "I are a right dinlow when I bin shanting."
by City Lad July 18, 2008
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Portsmouth is a small farming town in Hampshire. The locals dress like scarecrows, speak in a strange Romany-influenced rural dialect, and are known as worzels or carrot crunchers.
Portsmouth is where the carrot-crunching worzels live, oohhh arrrhh.
by City Lad July 18, 2008
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