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The most feared letter that could be typed in a URL as the first letter by a parent or peer attempting to use your device to search something. Especially stressful if continued by the letters O and then R.
Dad: Now just hold on, Jimbo. Just lemme use your computer to check out portfolio.com

*types P in the URL*

Jimmy: Oh fuck...
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by Chuds McGee March 12, 2019

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Your opportunity to go on Urban Dictionary and make a super flattering, overly embellished definition describing the name you carry.
Peter: See? You can put Your Name on Urban Dictionary, and make a definition for it.

Steve: Says here “Peters” are the sweetest, kindest men.

Peter: Damn right.

Steve: That’s bullshit, though. Cause you’re a piece of shit.

Peter: Yeah, but putting this down helps me and other Peter’s feel better about ourselves.
by Chuds McGee October 01, 2019

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What you say when you've verbally or physically assaulted someone and they get mad and attack you. If you've ever had to say these 4 magical words, that means you suck monkey cock at doing pranks and probably don't even know what a prank is.
Mark continued to yell out "bro it's a prank!" as the frustrated black man attacked Mark for yelling out racial slurs at him.
by Chuds McGee December 01, 2015

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The act of professing your love for booty, even if the gender of the person carrying said booty is of the same gender as you. You can be straight and still love your friends booty, as that only makes you Booty Gay.
Steve: Holy shit bro, you are caked up. I’m lovin’ that booty.

Brandon: Dude, what the fuck? Are you gay?

Steve: No, dude. I’m Booty Gay
by Chuds McGee July 08, 2020

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