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Hobos are a peaceful people.Being homeless and pennyless, similar to MC Hammer. They go place to place taking money from people for doing odd jobs, whether it be pulling weeds, kiiling roaches, cleaning roach poop, or eating roaches.

They're like uh...drifters. Telling stories to whoever they can
Boy: Grandpa! What are those carving symbols?

Grandpa: You see here son, these be hobo signs! This here sign means, there's work for cornbread 2 blocks up.
Hobos LOVE cornbread...
by Christopher Ess July 17, 2005

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it's 3:45 AM, your eyes are sore form looking at the computer screen for 4, no wait 5 hours...uhh who cares because all you care about not is myspace. You log into your Myspace everday, you've even missed the funeral of your mother to read that message from that attractive scene girl from Peluca, Idaho. Speaking of scene kids. Out of the 4,543 friends you have you only know about 70 personally, but for some unholy reason you know every single scene kid on your myspace, though the SONS O' Bitches all look alike. Your life is in shambles due to your Myspace addiction. You go to work tired, thus becoming cranky. In meetings all you can think about is what bulletins people have posted or what cool neat comments you have.

For all those reason you lose your job. Why? Because when you were at your nice doctors job at the Children's Hospital instead of writing needs Chemo-Therapy ASAP, you wrote, "PLZ comment on my pics!@@!"
At this point you're at home it's been three months since you lost your job, now you live with you mother all your real friends have left you, because now you have alienated them for your MYspace friends. Just another statistic.
Please if you don't get help at CHARTER, Please get help somewhere.
crackpipe is to Crack as Keyboard is to Myspace
by Christopher Ess October 01, 2005

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When someone asks about the Beastie Boys music all you can say is "Ch-Check it Out!"
Marcus: 50 cent is the best rapper out there!

Chris: Oh yeah sure...all he can do is rhyme with gun, gat, and phat. The Beastie Boys now those are some good rappers.

Marcus: OH! You mean those 3 jewish cats from NYC.

Chris: Yeah. How can you beat rhymes like, "I went to get a loan and they asked my race, so i wrote human inside the space."
by Christopher Ess February 19, 2006

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Tihs is a cool way to say "Taking Care of Business." In the hood T-C-B, means getting a J-O-B
Judge Joe Brown: "You need to get out of my court. Coming in here actin' a fool.

Crackhead Girl: "Actin' a fool!? I ain't no fool! I got a GED."

Judge Joe Brown: "Sure...but you got a J-O-B?

Crackhead Girl: "Yeah, I let men have liquid explosions in me."

judge Joe Brown: "You call that a J-O-B? You need to T-C-B and get a real job! Now get your crackheaded ass out of my court! YOU SMELL LIKE HOT GARBAGE!
by Christopher Ess July 18, 2005

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Just another example of what could happen if you never pick up a book
Mike Tyson: Call 1-800 Cceee Aye Ell El Aye Titi.
by christopher ess October 15, 2005

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Playstation 2 (PS2) is the reason why so many guys are dumped by their girlfriends/wives and become single.

But mixed with a lethal dose of MADDEN is can become addictive and even deadly.
GF: Honey you haven't worked in days! We don't have any grocerys. I think Tommy has Rickets, please put down the Playstation 2 (PS2)..

BF: Hold on a sec, honey for a record second time The Bucs will win the Super BOWL!!!
by christopher ess October 15, 2005

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Scene Kids are very easy to spot in that they dress the same and usually travel in herds. They can be easily identified by their tight girl jeans from the GAP (this goes for girls and boys) and black hair. A common misonception for heterosexual males is seeing a Male scene kid from behind, they may deem the person female when it is actually a guy.

They are very arrogant, and egotistical. Many of the females may looks innocent and easy, but that is infact a shield that covers their true arrogant and narcissistic nature. They are arrogant in that they think their genre of music is the BEST DAMN THING TO HIT DA' STREETS (quote from scene chick).

Many people have "scene-sickness," a condition where the sight of a scene kid can cause dizziness and even vomiting.
Seeing a Male from behind

Chris: Holy Shit! That white chick has a nice tight ass. I'm gonna go squeeze what god gave her.

Mark: FUCK YEAH! Slap some skin on me before you do!

Chris: Hey there pretty lady, I like what you're shaking <squeezes butt>

---Person turns around, to only horrify both males to see that it is in fact a MAN!!!---

Scene Kid: Dude...I'm only Gay on weekdays sorry.

Chris & MarK: WHAT DA' FUCK, it's one of them SCENE KIDS

Mark: Yeah.. I heard they got diseases man! Let's get the fuck out of here and get to the hospital
by Christopher Ess October 01, 2005

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