67 definition by Christine

I wear them all the time and didn't know ne thing about this whole thing until my aunt came up to me and asked if i knew about it! I had no idea but kept wearing them ne way, and now i find out that the pink/black bracelets i wear mean the full monty and kissing. But in my school, no one has ever heard of it.
I'm wearing a pink bracelet, if u snap if off my wrist i'll kiss u, but then ur gonna have to buy me a new one..
by Christine March 05, 2004

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the answer provided when one asks "why are you going to throw up, my love?" in spanish.
person 1: i think i'm going to throw up.
person 2: ....porque mi amor?
by Christine October 23, 2004

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white trash, trailer inhabitant, lower working class person with little education and no social status
The ronkie boys in English class can't stop talking about last night's monster truck rally.
by christine November 04, 2003

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A very sarcastic dork. She needs to get a life. Christine is so much cooler. Well..anyone is so much cooler.
Ew, stop acting like such a lanting!
by Christine October 26, 2003

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1. Sweet, Rockin
2. Agreement

X: Hey I got front row tix!

X: That concert last night was awesome.
X2: Sigaweet.
by Christine March 28, 2003

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2 crazy chicks... who are a little over 5 feet tall also funny, outgoing, and just a little nuts, also cute, adorable and loveable!
Stefani and Christine are Cockerbunnys!
by Christine March 16, 2004

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the definition of a sexual position, which involves a most of the time leather whip, that is hit across his/hers partners behind
that girl give me some great whiplass lastnight....
by Christine March 16, 2004

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