n. - something that is awesome, amazing, great, grandiose, wonderful
Fuck that is pure nakedness.
by Moosebern April 22, 2003
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A hobby in which a man/woman is naked at least fifty percent of the time.
Nakedism is awesome, you can let yourself run free.
by Josh King October 13, 2007
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Someone is nakedible, when something about them is making you want to lick or "eat" them.
Hey, did you see Heather's new profile photo? The one with the towel?
Oh yes, she's very nakedible.
by Milayrn Mrnooe January 17, 2012
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People who are naked in a large group. 3 or more people all naked together for any reason
Jane:Lets go in that room
Lesley:I just went in and there are loads of nakeders in there
by Shawaddy March 30, 2008
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A terrible disease that obliterates your sense of how much clothes is enough. if you have nakeditis, you might get thrown out of many establishments, as they will not have naked people in their stores, restaurants, etc.
guy 1- Dude wtf? where are that guys clothes?

guy 2- Didn't you know? he has nakeditis big time.

guy 1- Oh i'm sorry, i didnt know.
by a bear with sore balls March 7, 2010
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The act of being Naked
Zack: Hey bruh, what are you up to?

Matt: Not much, just nakeding bro.
by Thatismattisthat December 1, 2010
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