The HMHS Britannic was the third and largest olympic-class class vessel that was sister ship to the Titanic and Olympic. She was launched at the eve of World War 1 and was laid up at her builders, Harland and Wolff in Belfast, for many months before being requested as a hospital ship. Instead of being a luxourious ocean liner like Titanic and Olympic, Britannic transported sick and wounded soldiers over the Mediterranean Sea. One day, her life was cut tragicly short when she stuck an underwater mine in the Kea Channel. The Britannic sank in 55 minutes, resulting in the deaths of 30 people. The wreck of the Britannic is now lying on her starboard side, 400-500 feet underwater. She is in surprisingly good condition and is mostly intact, unlike Titanic who is slowly being eaten away by bacteria. Britannic will be with us for a long time unless if she gets raised or salvaged someday.
"Well at least the Britannic had a happier ending than Titanic."
by RedLightningStrike January 29, 2017
1. A common nickname for the British hospital ship HMHS Britannic, which it was sunk on November 1916 when it hit a mine.
2. The TV film from 2000 of the same name that is a fictionalized version of the ship's disaster, the main characters are Vera Campbell and Chaplain Reynolds.
1) So, HMHS Britannic was the sister ship of the Titanic and the Olympic.
2) In the Britannic movie, the ship was sunk in only 50+ minutes, when in real life it was sunk a hour.
by Ryan900USAYT August 30, 2022
it sunk and had gantry davits and stuff
the RMS Britannic is the RMS Britannic so the RMS Britannic went on to RMS Britannic why? RMS Britannic
by vh bng December 2, 2021
The Britanic sank in ww1 by a mine. And the Olimpic is in a privately owned dock owened by some random millionaire
Titanic's little known sisters the Olimpic and Britannic lasted longer than the Tittanic. ( just resently they found the Olimpics number plating is found in the Olimpic which can mean a cover up might of happened
by thecanadianninja January 15, 2019