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Posting and removing and editing and reposting and editing your post over and over until you get it right instead of getting it right the first time you posted it.
Tim was so anal about his spelling errors and such, he took almost an hour to repostover his simple post on facebook.

By the way... This definition was repostovered also to get it right.
by ChrisDoc November 8, 2009
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A Sarcastic way of replying to a situation or statement by another person. Taken from the SNL news skit by the name, REALLY!?! with Seth and Amy.
"An honorary degree from Arizona State is like getting an 'I Love Dad coffee mug' Does it really mean that much?" REALLY!!!

Dude, it's 70 degrees, do you really need a jacket? REALLY!?!
by ChrisDoc January 2, 2010
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No homo is a saying between two dudes that show some kindness towards one another and use "No Homo" to dispell any inclinations of being "Homo". like when you say to your brother or good friend.
hey dude, I love you man.... No Homo!

Say dude your ass is big, no homo!
by ChrisDoc December 11, 2009
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The sound of disgust coming from a crowd at a sporting event after something they didn't like happens.
The sports announcers reported, "That questionable call by the officials brings out the 'Boo Birds'."
by ChrisDoc November 10, 2009
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chuckling my lunch up. Everybody has laughed so hard that their lunch came up. It happened to me at a resturant with my friends who I'll never forget. We were chuckling so much and so hard that it was bound to happen.
We were laughing so hard that I was cmlu, literaly. .. REALLY.
by ChrisDoc October 30, 2009
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When a person awakes and the first words out of his mouth are gravelie and unintelligible before his vocal cords wake up.
Mike answered the phone, and although he felt fine, his gravel voice made his friend think he was ill.

After a football game nap, Mike had a gravel voice that scared his dogs and cats out of the room.
by ChrisDoc December 3, 2009
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A movie that would normally just interest dating women, but oddly it is attracting dating men too.
Brother, I thought that movie was a chick flick, but I kind of liked it, so we should call it a Guy Flick instead because dudes will like it too.
by ChrisDoc January 7, 2011
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