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Inexplicably or ambiguously gay or stupid.

Can be used as a noun or adjective.
"Jeff is such a guado."
"That shirt is kind of guado, dude."
by Chris Lee February 12, 2004
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1. Sexually adult anime, Japanese drawings, nudity pictures. Many may enjoy it, others find it disturbing.
2. A word that shows pervertiness or it simply means pervert.
When I go rent a movie, I go look for the best...the "Hentai Section", that contains a perverted mans needs.
by Chris Lee June 17, 2003
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This occurs when after impregnated a girl and after the baby is "spat" out a girls stomach becomes stretched and worn out, this aslo applies to the breasts. The parts begin to sag and look wrinkled and old.
I'm gonna dump my girlfriend because after last year she became a 18 year old grandma, or looks like one.
by Chris Lee March 29, 2004
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One who can not face the reality that he/she is a complete waste of trailor park trash
That guy who married the daughter of his sister that he impregnated.
by Chris Lee March 14, 2005
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USUALLY worn by women, in special moments, men would be embrassed to wear one.

The smaller version of a dress worn by females who either just like it, think thier a slut, or just want men.
Tom wanted to see what the girl wore, so he flipped her skirt up!
by Chris Lee June 17, 2003
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