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Drapetomania is a term that derived in the slave days and was used to describe the "disease" in which the symptoms were "a slave that was addicted to attempting escape or escaping slavery..."

Cure: cut off their toes.
None needed.
by Chris Johnson May 11, 2004
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1. A band which kicks major ass.
2. Saint Patrick's Day
3. A good day to smoke up.
1. Green Day is off the heezy.
2. Tomorrow is Green Day!
3. I'm bored, I think it's time for a Green Day.
by Chris Johnson January 08, 2004
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Being so drunk that you blackout and can't recall a long period (an hour or more) from the previous evening.
I must have been flatlined last night, cause I don't remember stretching my scrotum skin in front of your parents.
by Chris Johnson February 19, 2004
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A move that's pulled when a man must rearrange his penis (due to having an erection) by putting one or both hands into his pocket, and all the while appearing inconspicuous.
After browsing through the latest Maxim magazine, Stevie had to pull a lintfinder so that his bulging erection wouldn't be noticed by fellow grocery shoppers.
by Chris Johnson February 19, 2004
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Vagina, pussy, moist trap door.
Any broad who lets you stab the fleshpit the first night, is definitely a good human being.
by Chris Johnson February 23, 2004
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The remnants of shit that is left floating at the top of the toilet water after you've already flushed.
Not only does it stink, but I left you a little fishfood in there too.
by Chris Johnson February 19, 2004
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Thugged-out wannabies who wear visors or anyone named Dylan.
nalyD and his boyfriend are such scrotum pole chomping chauchies.
by Chris Johnson January 13, 2005
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