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The best fucking fraternity ever to exist.
Goddamn I wish I was a Phi Psi.
by Chris March 26, 2005

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A fundamental Christian, usually protestant, who obsesses over the Bible and had no real knowledge of anything.
Yesterday a fundy told me santa was satan, they just mixed up the letters.
by chris November 16, 2004

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H-Vegas ... Hillsborough, NC. Small ass town with the most rednecks ever. Top hangout is Bojangles, though they are very proud of their new Wal-Mart. Very big on Green Monster, Moonshine, and keg stands! The girls are hot, the trucks are huge! I'm goin back...
I bonged eight beers that night in H-Vegas.
by Chris February 24, 2005

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When someone's anal about how you hold your fork or some shit at dinner, and proceeds to throw their utencils at you and break dishes in a fit to have you conform. Like my dad.
"What a fucking table nazi! All I did was slurp and he fuckin broke a dish on my brother's head; so I did it again, and so did he. What a fun game."
by Chris March 01, 2005

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a good friend who sticks up for you and aways is they for you
shara is a good friend who helped me though my relationship break up
by Chris April 13, 2005

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derogatory glasgow word meaning stupid bastard, most commonly used at the end of a sentence
"shut yer hole fannybaws"
by chris January 07, 2005

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Originally from the Latin word paganus which meant countryman.

Today it mostly means someone who is part of a number of religions that comes under the umbrella term of paganism. Usually these religions are nature-based or revere nature or whose religion is tied to nature in some way.

Pagans come from all walks of live be it politics, law enforcement, education or business etc.
Oi Edd, did you know Daves a pagan?
by Chris September 11, 2003

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