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The act of freezing a dead hamster in seran/plastic wrap and then using to fuck yourself or somebody in the ass.
Joey: Wanna come over later, my pet hamster died? If you come at 9, I’ll have enough time to freeze it so that we can use it as rodent dough.
Joey’s Sneaky Link: See you then!
by ChodeFilA June 2, 2022
Being only attracted to Natalie Portman and nobody else.
After watching Black Swan I decided that I’m Natalie-Portman-sexual
by ChodeFilA June 6, 2022
This is used to describe someone being absolutely fucking annoying. Like a complete bitch. A cuntyboots is the bitchiest of bitches. Probably somebody hot though.
Robert: What’s that bitch’s fucking problem?
Paige: idk she’s a cuntyboots
Robert: tf is a cuntyboots
by ChodeFilA May 15, 2022
An acronym that stands for “suck my labia”. This is a twist on smd or suck my dick.
👨: ur ugly

👩: sml
by ChodeFilA June 25, 2022
This is similar to a chili dog but actual chili is used instead of feces. Chili is poured on somebody’s boobs and then you titty fuck them. Bonus points if you eat the chili afterwards especially if you came in it.
William: Yo did you hear about clean chili dogging? I’d actually be down for that.
Bob: Ew no I’m not a cacaphile!
William: no this is a version with chilli instead of feces
Bob: oh hell yeah
by ChodeFilA June 1, 2022
This is when you want David Attenborough to burrow himself inside of you. He must be whispering dirty little animal facts into your ear.
I so badly want to do a David Attenburrow.
by ChodeFilA June 8, 2022