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The BMW 6 series, otherwise known as the BMW E24 is the last truly great BMW ever made. It has a coupé design (pronounced coopay), powered by the M30 or S88/S38 engine, a variant of the engine used in the BMW M1 (the second last truly great BMW ever made).

The car has extremely broad appeal, loved even by people who wouldn't normally consider themselves car enthusiasts. Some even hold the car in high regard from an artistic standpoint and a number were painted by artists such as Ernest Fuchs and Robert Rauschenberg. Diggory Venn even has written many great poems about them and his travels in the across the Australian outback.

It is a truly great car that a very select few get to appreciate ownership of.
Lowered E30 owner: eh bro check out that hectic Bimmer

Ferrari owner: show some respect, that's a BMW 6 series - it's truly the best car ever made.
by Choadie January 23, 2009
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Chassis designation for BMW vehicle designed for use as a farm vehicle in an attempt to diversify into developing 3rd world countries such New Zealand and South Africa. Extremely popular vehicle in these countries because their owners are delusional enough to think there is a genetic link to BMW's most successful car ever, the BMW 6 series.

The E21 was replaced in 1981 with the even more popular E30 - a vehicle which was innovative in it's time for having a power takeoff as well as harnesses so it could be hitched to draught horses.
Eh bro, I picked up a new paddock basher the other day, it's an E21 and it's primo!
by Choadie January 28, 2009
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Sir Arthur Canberra, a 19th century pioneer and explorer, saw in the Limestone Plains a panorama worthy of the landscape cult that established colonial Australia. Sir Arthur recognised that rural landscapes and lifestyle are the 'real' Australia, with life in the metropolis both artificial and unhealthy.

Sir Arthur was guided to the region by idealism fused with practicality, and successfully bartered two shiny balls and a magic numbers machine with the local indigenous people to secure mining rights to all the land from Gungahlingadinga to Tugerrawangally Creek.

Canberra City is named after him

E24 owner: "I lift my glass to Sir Arthur Canberra, without whom this city with it's wide, E24 only lanes, would not exist."
by Choadie January 24, 2009
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The city of Canberra was settled in 1789 by Sir Arthur Canberra while seeking out the perfect location for owners of the now legendary BMW 6 series to live and drive their vehicles.

When designing the city, much thought was given to this superior vehicle, and there are E24 only lanes throughout the city in which to commute and thus avoid the hindrance of other less capable vehicles.

The city itself when seen from an aerial vantage point resembles a large race track, similar in concept to the Nürburgring, though predating it by 130 years.
Canberra, there really is no better place in the world for owners of the BMW 6 series!
by Choadie January 24, 2009
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Lame arse website for a bunch of losers who have absolutely nothing better to do.
"Welcome to:


"If you wish to go completely OT or completely postal, please visit 'Way Off Topic' in the Boldly Going Nowhere Forums, which of course, requires your lazy arse to register."
by Choadie November 16, 2007
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Ideally a 2 door BMW E30, although any E30 is potentially a cult car - excluding the 325e of course.

Owners are often one-eyed, opinionated and usually too poor to own a newer car. Secretly they wish they own a Mercedes, Audi or a BMW 6 series.
Person 1: maaate did you see that E30?

Person 2: yeah, it was a 318is - they're a cult car, you know!

by Choadie January 13, 2009
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Undeniably the best ever car built by BMW. This coupe has a proven racing pedigree, having won at Bathurst, NSW, against the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon.

Owners are typically intelligent people with a unique but admired sense of style.

Most E30 owners aspire to owning one one day as these are the true cult car, however their dreams are usually unfulfilled.

Looks best in zinnoberrot and "moneybags green".
Poor E30 owner: Hey, I just saw an E24!

Audi owner: OMG really? I've always wanted one, in zinnoberrot!
by Choadie January 13, 2009
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