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Emo music. Music in which the singer is crying and complaining about their crappy life, thus needing a tissue.
emo kid "After listening to the last Dashboard Confessional album, I just had to cry."

Normal person "That is what happens when you listen to crappy tissue rock."
by Chips January 8, 2007
A quick, unannounced, discomforting movement of the bowels.
Good thing I was close to the bathroom, because some unhappiness appeared, and I had to drop a hairy deuce.
by Chips August 11, 2004
1. An insult to rappers the user hates. (e.g. Vanilla Ice, Ja Rule, Snow)
2. Nursery rhyme MC.
Daniel: Do you know this man named Drake?
Ben: Yeah, he is so gay-Z, he made me want to jerk off.
by Chips February 16, 2020
(Gurl):Man That Nig Bones Got A Small Dick.
by Chips March 14, 2005
Tha worst roblox youtuba eva. Biatch be a beaner-like cockmonglin' wop. Her asshole wannabe niggaz look like bitches.
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX is the biggest hoe ever. Prada Gaming ROBLOX is a freaking dago. Her other friends are sambo-ass honkies.
by Chips March 11, 2021
I finished jerkin off and had to clean up all of the gentlemans relish off of the wall
by Chips March 19, 2004