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1. Word used to describe increasingly great joy, excitement, and/or surprise.
2. Word used by comedian Dave Chappelle in his extremely popular series "Chappelle's Show".
3. MY FAVORITE WORD NIGGAZ!!!!(no offense to African Americans intended.)
James: Hey Rondel!
Ron: What up James?!
James: Guess what!
Rondel: What?!
James: Your black!
Rondel: FO REAL?????
James: YEA!
Rondel: SHAZAAM!!!
by James izzle April 23, 2006
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A word to describe joy, surprise, or excitement
Bizzle: What's for dinner mom?
Mother: Fried Chicken.
Bizzle: SHAZAAM!!!!

Guy one: Yo man, you got that dime bag of KB?
Guy two: Fo shizzle.
Guy one: SHAZAAM!
by Chips July 10, 2003
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Gomer Pyle, USMC, the famous 1960s hero-buffoon of American TV, used to exclaim “Shazaam!” whenever anything inexplicable happened. Because of his good nature and dim wits, much was inexplicable to Gomer, and many inexplicably good things resulted from screwball situations in this fictional TV portrayal of the U.S. Marine Corps. For example, rational care and kindness often prevailed over irrational regulations and cruelty, and profoundly different people -- a kind and gullible hillbilly recruit and a cynical, ostensibly cruel career military man -- managed to create comic and bizarrely symbiotic alliances.

Total first-half 2005 shipments and revenue are up 30 percent (41.2 million units) and 24.5 percent ($2.7 billion), respectively, compared to the first half of 2004 (Shazaam!)
by John Monroe September 12, 2005
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A word that expresses a magical action on someone's part, like Abracadabra.
I pulled my hand out of the empty bag and Shazaam! I had 5 quarters in it.
by MoonSphynx August 12, 2004
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To describe excitement, fun, surprise etc.

Commonly used in the U.S.A and in North London
C-bwoi: Yo bro, ma homio, if you fink ur raw 2 da core u'll b shanked 2 nxt millenuim blud... Shazaam!!

Mother: Charles please speak english..

C-bwoi: Who is charls?? wtf is english u fukstar biatch... SHAZAAM!!.. braap southside

Mother: U reppin southside?? wot?? C-bwoi!! you want beef??!! u cunt piece *pulls out a gat*
Eat 9's u fuk!!!

C-bwoi: My name is Charles actually mother.. i was only pulling a hilarious joke... oh my goodness mother please do not create a homicide scene in our kitchen...

*Mother caps C-bwoi*

*C-bwoi dies*

Mother: SHAZAAM!!!
by E! June 08, 2005
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A way to excentuate a point of surprise or realization.
One minute it was there and then the next, SHAZAAM! In the butt!
by xqubit November 01, 2004
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The battle cry of an ejaculating male, exclaimed during his climax, regardless of the sex act in question.
"Oh shit baby, slow down, oh, oh,...SHAZAAM! Fuck baby; sorry about the shazzizm in yo' eye.
by Dan Holden August 18, 2006
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