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the channel kids learn about sex for the first time
you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so lets do it like they do it on the discovery channel
by Chilly Willy August 09, 2005

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1.Violent Pornography is a song by System of a Down which involves choking chicks and sodomy.
Also, apparently everybody fucks, sucks, cries, and dies.
2. a porongrapy that is violent in nature
It's a Violent Pornography, choking chicks and sodomy, the kinda shit you get on your T.V.

Matt stabbed the hoe in the Violent Porongraphy.
by Chilly Willy October 12, 2005

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much like procrastination except you are busy looking through porn
Matt: did you do your english homework
Kevin: nope, that porncrastination can really get a guy off task.
Matt: haha what a DUMBASS! you DUMBASS
kevin: ...darn you porncrastination and your alluring pictures...
by Chilly Willy February 14, 2006

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Where Mr. Rogers lives

not to be confused with the neighborhood of make believe where Mr. Rogers teaches us lessons with puppets...very creepy, disturbing puppets...

nuff said
It's a beautiful day in this neighrborhood, what a neighborly day in this neighborhood. because won't you be my...won't you be my... won't you be my neighbor.
by Chilly Willy February 22, 2007

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when someone swears in a situation that requires no need to do so. commonly found in xbox live users
Will: hi how are you
Greg: good, how the fuck are you
Will: o you're using happy words
by Chilly Willy August 11, 2005

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an acrynm for Really Horny Syndrome that is used to describe someone who is being overly horny in a conversation
Joe: this chicks tits were so good i just wanted to run up and grab them
Jim: someone has RHS...
by Chilly Willy August 21, 2005

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what comes with the ever great power of being a superhero.
the grandfather in the spiderman movies seems to love to say it a few hundred times.
Grandpa: with great power comes great responsibility
spiderman: ya ya you said that in the last movie, don't you have anything new to say
Grandpa: umm...with great power comes great respon-
spiderman: GREAT RESPONSIBILITY YA I GET IT, WHAT ARE YOU MY MOTHER. you know what i am gonna go join up with the green goblin what do you think of that huh!
Grandpa: with great power comes great responsibility
spiderman: *kills his dead grandfather making him double dead*
by Chilly Willy May 17, 2006

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