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describes a person who has a celebrity father that he or she has never or rarely met. Named after famed baseball player Steve Garvey and his fathering of multiple children from extramarital affairs.
My friend Jim is the son of R&B legend Screamin' Jay Hawkins. He's totally one of garvey's kids.
by Chiggers Dudley April 13, 2008

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1. a penis. The word "rapestick" is used more often by militant feminists and riot grrls and is perhaps a response to such demeaning words as "cunt", "snatch", "glitch" and other like-minded epithets.

2. a man. The word is used in the same connotation such as "cunt" and reduces a person to their sex organs.
1. Kevin asked me out today but I told him I don't date people with rapesticks.

2. Kevin is such a rapestick.
by Chiggers Dudley April 13, 2008

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A term of endearment to a loved one. The words are used in the same way as "snookems", "cupcake", "pumpkin", and "baby".
"Come over hear my little poodle noggin, and give me a kiss."
by Chiggers Dudley April 13, 2008

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a mythical (though some have sworn to see it) creature that is very similar to a leprechaun. They are very short and usually have grey or white hair and have a constant wink with one of their eyes. They are well-known to silently creep and when confronted they give off a "oozhey goozhey goo" sound (usually in an Irish accent). They have a mean disposition and have been known to steal, meddle, and occasionally kill human beings. The creature often carries a pipe and has yellow and black rotting teeth. There were numerous reported sightings of the creature at St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN) in the late 1990s and early 2000s and other places since.
The one-eyed winking midget visited me in my dreams last night again. This time he was creeping around the room and was suddenly on my chest pounding me and biting out chunks of my body.
by Chiggers Dudley April 13, 2008

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A fart caused by blaha'd (joint sneezing and lauging) discharges. The fart forms a symphony with the sneeze and the laugh, and is thus called a symphart.
Michael ate some bad clownfish and blaha'd and sympharted all night long. Although it was beautifully symphonic, the smell was overpowering.
by Chiggers Dudley April 11, 2008

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the act of discharging snot, saliva, and cud, often bloody and violent, out of the nose and mouth during the joint acts of sneezing and laughing. This act often accompanies a fart, called a symphart.
Michael's head cold was a poor accompaniment to the Marx Brothers festival as he blaha'd balls of cud from his oral cavities.
by Chiggers Dudley April 11, 2008

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an expression used to add emphasis to something, much like an exclamation point.
Example #1
A: Landon's coming?

B: You don't like him?

A: I fucking hate him in a halfshell.

Example #2
I'd totally do her in a halfshell.
by Chiggers Dudley May 26, 2008

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