Stan culture describes an online phenomenon in which communities of stalker fans and hardcore non-stalking fans, or stans, engage in overly enthusiastic support of a favorite celebrity online (called “stanning”), including at times vehement, coordinated attacks against detractors and critics. (I found this definition on Google, but not in UrbanDictionary!)
Those people outside the Depp/Heard trail are stanning in the deepest stan culture ways.
by WordsHaveMeaning April 30, 2022
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the culture of stan twitter including; phrases used, friendships formed; the way people act; the fast paced society
stan culture:

lol one of my mutes just soft blocked and thinks i havent noticed wig

wow i love my oomfies they're never problematic < 3
by something_smells_fishy January 11, 2019
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