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1. A Mitchell & Ness classic sports jersey, or any retro sports jersey
2. Another word to describe old school music
1. "See me rocking more throwbacks than Fabolous"
2. That song is a throwback from the 90's
by Chi February 25, 2004

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Usually used when someone is embarrased, or wrong, and want to apologize. The two things on the side are sweatdrops, usually seen in asian anime.
Geez, you damn spammer.

Wooops. ^^;;
by chi March 25, 2004

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Exclamation yelled for random reasons. Used by Bruce lee, when he was alive.
*Someone gets whacked by a stick*

by chi March 25, 2004

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Derived from Uzbekistan's latin translation of "Hey fine thang, why don't you come on over and teach me experimental astrological physics and theoligy?", it was eventually condensed to "Hey..."

Literally translated in the Greek, it means Ta-Ta, but it's all a complex fabricated nickname anyway, so we won't go into that
How are you doing, Ce-Ce?
by cHi August 12, 2004

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1. To leave
2. A cigarette laced with pcp
1. Aight you ready to dip
2. Aight you ready to smoke a dip or dippy
by Chi February 25, 2004

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Used to describe a helpdesk, and or operator. Derogatory version of nosey/ugly
"Mind you own business, fuck face"
by Chi December 17, 2004

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a girl who lives in toronto.
was given this nickname to her 4 years ago from an online handle
"chi is the shiznet"
by chi September 02, 2004

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