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A Great place to live!! 4 distinct seasons!! Not too hot ans you can always put on another jacket if it gets cold! Great schools! Great fishing!! Not to crowded!
Wisconsin is a hell of a lot better that Florida!!
by cheesehead February 13, 2004
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A flaverd gelatinous substance used to pacify children and leprechauns.
Oh, no! Get the pudding,here comes a gang of Leprechauns and children.
by Cheesehead October 23, 2003
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Another name for Lambeau Field, the site of the legendary Ice Bowl..
Hey, I'm gonna tail gating at Frozen Tundra
by Cheesehead June 29, 2004
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Horrible 16 foot tall horned beast that eat the flesh of the living and the spirits of the dead, and corn chips.
Gee mommy may I have toaster.
by Cheesehead October 23, 2003
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