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Don't be a modiliar! There were no digital cameras back in 1988.
by Chaxxx May 16, 2019
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An exclusive club for alpha dudes who have banged 25 or more women, most of them being hookups, one night stands, casual sex.
Mark got his 25th lay. Now he is also a member of the frequent riders club.
by Chaxxx July 26, 2017
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A "hoe wife" or "hife" - a rich & lonely housewife looking to hookup with random dudes. Typically one with a very busy husband who has no time to pleasure her.
Arjun: hey dude did you see the woman in the 3rd house down from mine? I think her rich husband travels a lot and she's a lonely housewife who's down to fuck.
Chaxxx: you mean she's a hife!
by Chaxxx July 11, 2019
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The unbelievable ability to completely fuck up a manageable situation because of overconfidence and narcissism
India had it all under control but then modism killed them
by Chaxxx April 29, 2021
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the state of being hoe'ly.
a title given to a women who has sucked a lot of dicks, fucked a lot of cocks, or done both, before settling for a good unsuspecting man.
noun: Hoe'lyness; plural noun: Hoe'lynesses
Her hoe'lynesses was very kind today. We fucked all night.
I have invited her hoe'lyness for a night of netflix and chill.
by Chaxxx February 10, 2017
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Two dudes banging a chick at the same time while high fivin every few minutes. Typically one in the pussy and one in the mouth or ass. Also known as a threesome.
Brah, let's ride share Jessica tonight. She's down to have some fun with both of us.
by Chaxxx July 26, 2017
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Someone rich betas and hoes pay tons of money to tell them sweet lies
After getting fucked and dumped by hundreds of guys, Angel has been visiting a therapist to make her feel she's special.
by Chaxxx February 24, 2019
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