A person, corporation or government that benefits China in a financial or political way. Many American companies are Pro-China; they set up factories in China so the money grubbing scum can avoid paying their workers a decent wage. These anti-American bastards would rather send billions of American dollars to China than pay Americans a decent wage. The Pro-China people are destroying this country and dramatically increasing our trade deficit. All of the American money going to China has strengthened their military power and their economy and is weakening the power of the U.S.A. The Chinese government owns a major chunk of our public debt.
Most furniture, clothing and footwear is made in China by Pro-China manufacturers based in the U.S.A. This money grubbing scum is more concerned with profits than workers rights, the environment or the long-term consequences of China's growing economic and military power!

The anti-worker fuckwits running Wal-mart are at the forefront of the Pro-China movement--they'll do anything to drive down pay and "keep costs down."
Pro-business Republicans are also Pro-China. The greedy fuckwit corporate owned G.O.P. does all it can to help businesses move good jobs from America to China. The g.o.p. doesn't seem to realize (or care) that China owns more than 15% of our debt. As we continue to borrow from China and buy Chinese made stuff, China gets stronger and we get weaker!
by Charles_U_Farley July 17, 2009
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