The part of the brain that regulates the internal body temperature through homeostasis. It is most active in extreme external conditions.
by qwerty270 April 16, 2017
A part of the nervous system that makes a person hungary, girl crazy, get PMS, and makes people irritable.
That bitch needs to get her hypothalamus checked!
by KB February 21, 2004
a gland that is really resposnible for your if the guys say "i love you with all my heart" then reject them. all they want for you to do is to beat for them.
I love you with all my hypothalamus!
by papakuchu at abudabi September 3, 2006
You either learned this from the movie Osmosis Jones or when taking schooling for becoming a doctor. This is a particle inside your brain that is in charge of maintaining homeostasis. It regulates your body temperature and your weight. Without the hypothalamus in function, our bodies would overheat or freeze, causing you to die from extreme temperature difficulties.
If you are upset because you are so fat, don’t blame yourself. Blame your hypothalamus and its choices
by DoomIsNear2000 August 6, 2022