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A weirdly attractive actor who doesn’t scream Brad Pitt Handsome, but is Handsome in his own way. He’s someone that is way out of your league, but isn’t far from the societal norm. He’s sorta like that good looking middle aged man that was your neighbor. See Sexly
Hank Azaria is fine af
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by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 04, 2019

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Used When a person is named Joe (usually a male, but there are females named Joe) who is attractive, and cannot fall into the Average Joe stereotype because their looks exceed the average person.
Thot 1: Omg that dude Joe in our Bio class is cute af, I would make out with him in front of my friends just to brag ;)
Thot 2: Omg yasss he’s what we call an Above Average Joe
Both Thots: Sighhhh he sooo cute awww
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by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 26, 2019

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A compliment that is technically an insult...

Cute basically means mildly attractive, or it could mean pretty boy

Basically if a girl calls you cute( as in mildly attractive) she thinks you are attractive, but not attractive enough to date, or smash. Basically if you are cute, most girls would friendzone you.
Now if she calls you cute in a pretty boy way, she means that you are very good looking, but in a foopish and effimate way.

Girls don’t want to date, smash, or whatever with these men because.
1. You aren’t good enough for them in terms of attractiveness

2. You are too feminine for their taste, and too pretty for them. See high maintenance
Ed Sheeran is a mildly attractive singer...
Zac Efron is a pretty boy
Both are cute
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 02, 2019

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A gir who will initiate a conversation with you via instagram dm, Snapchat, or phone number that will seem like a unicorn at first (and will even call herself one) but will turn out to be a heartless scumbag that just wants to date you for your looks. She will have no problem playing the victim whenever you do something bad, but when she does something bad she has an excuse and ends up blaming it on you and will even go as far to get her shittier friends to back her up. She will also claim that she is the only guy she talks to, but will text and/ or flirt with other guys (but according to her they’re just her best friends). They are also very hypocritical. For instance she can call another dude cute or hot, but when you do it you are the scum of the earth.
Yeah my Ex is such a Fuck Girl she was this self proclaimed Christian Girl but always talked about how hot her ex was, yet I said my other Ex was good looking and she made this sob story about how I called another girl good looking to her friends
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by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 22, 2019

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Those girls who manage to dress sluttier than the cheerleaders at football games. They think they are the shit because their rich daddy paid 2000 dollars for them to join the drill team . These girls usually are wannabe cheerleaders who don’t have the looks, skill, or talent to become a cheerleader and end up becoming a drill team member. Their attractiveness ranges... some are fugly, while there are some hotties on the drill team. A lot of these girls are thots and some are just rude bitches. Only like 10 percent of the drill team members are actually kind and decent human beings.
Carl: You know that girl sally on the drill team?
Mark: Yeah she’s a bitch she dated chad the quarterback, and she ended up cheating on him with tyrone. But chad hooked up with Kacey the hottest cheerleader at chaz’s Party.
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 02, 2019

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Good looking

What your momma or grandma calls you to not only boost their own ego, but to put you on a pedestal

What a girl would call you if she genuinely thinks you are good looking, but she sees you more as a buddy, friend, or even worse her Best Friend!
Lesbians will call very good looking guys this because they have nothing to lose complimenting because they aren’t interested in men.

Now If you are a woman... well they could just mean that you are beautiful (If the compliment was given by an older individual)
Orrr you have a masculine face with a manly jawline... Oof
Melvin: I’m sooo ugly

Molly: You are handsome... shut up best friend!

Also molly: Hey Melvin who’s your friend Brad... he’s sooo hot!

Melvin: Then what am I!?
Molly: Handsome.

Melvin: ..........
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by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 26, 2019

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A man who will talk shit about everyone and bring them down to compensate for his tiny dick.
Douche bag: hey bro you’re so uglyyy and a fag

Guy: Hey bro just because you drive an F150 that your daddy bought you doesn’t make your dick any bigger than 2 inches,and you say I’m ugly but tell me why you haven’t had a girlfriend while I dated a model... oh wait you’ve been friend zoned by all the nasty hoes you!?
Douche bag: Shut up pretty boy! My dick is big enough!

Guy: Small Dick talk all you want big boi.
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by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 27, 2019

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