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"Southern preps" are people from the Southern or Mid-Western United States who attempt to mimic Northeastern prep culture to overcompensate for their insecurities of being a "redneck," whether conscious or subconscious. They often point out what is "trashy" and what is not because of this insecurity.

Southern male preps typically wear Ralph Lauren button-downs and the females buy expensive handbags, believing they resemble East Coast preps. East Coast preps are from the Northeast, not the Southern seaboard, and represent Northeastern culture by wearing brands such as J. Press, considered the quintessential preppy brand, and occasionally wear brands like Ralph Lauren. Southern preps know nothing of brands such as J. Press and instead, wear brands like J. Crew or Lactose.

Southern Preps drive pick-up trucks or SUVs. In the Northeast, pick-up trucks and SUVs are considered low-class and redneck. East Coast preps primarily drive fine European automobiles, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars, not SUVs, representing their refined taste.

East Coast preps play sports such as lacrosse and crew. They attend East Coast schools, which are known for their high educational standards and their lacrosse and crew teams. Southern schools are known primarily for football and basketball.

Southern preps vacation in mundane places like Georgia, while East Coast preps vacation in the Hamptons. Southern preps who visit New England or the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT), stick out like a sore thumb.
Southern Preppy Guy: Hey, what're y'all ladies doing tonight?

New York Preppy Girl 1: Ewww. Why is it talking to me?

New York Preppy Girl 2: Ignore it. It's a Southern Prep. Just keep walking.
by princetongrad November 14, 2011
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Always in a respectable fraternity
wears polos and oxfords from Lacoste Ralph Lauren Burberry and Joseph A. Banks in bright colors
wears shorts in khaki navy blue red(preferably faded) yellow and embroidered shorts, never any cargo pockets
Always has his Maui Jims nearby preferably with croakies
Boat shoes are a must as well as Gucci loafers or drivers
NEVER goes near abercrombie or similar retail
Blazers work
collars never go up in Texas, thats reserved for trashy wannabees
Drives an SUV (land rover, bmw, benz, tahoe...) but if a car is neccesary then a bmw will suffice
Shirt always tucked in with a nice belt from lacoste or polo

(again we're talking about southerners)
Always well groomed, VERY well groomed
nothing trashy
wears burberry lacoste seven polo jcrew and anything they can put on their send home Neimans and Saks cards
Not too much makeup
Nothing from low end retailers like abercrombie or american eagle
Always has a louis vuitton/prada/gucci/coach purse, but nothing too flashy
Heels are a must but nothing slutty
jewelry is key, but again nothing too flashy - pearl sets, david yurman, tiffany's, maybe a diamond here or ther
They drive smaller cars usually (audi's, bmws, lexus', mercedes benzs, and sometimes land rover SUV's)
Always cordial, never tacky or rude

these are just a few traits of the Southern Prep, style may differ between areas
Hudson, I like your new topsiders. Where did you get those?

Catherine looks nice today in her pearls and cashmere sweater set.
by texas November 01, 2004
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A Southern Prep is a WASP who lives in the south and who vacations in some spot like Sea Island, GA, St.Simon's Island GA, or some posh island in Florida. They don't rock abercrombie and they wear polo or Brooks Brothers Shirts. The wearing of the collar "up" is optional. They live in some rich neighborhood like Buckhead. He or she usually goes to a prep school like Westminster in Atlanta.
Look at that southern prep. Does he live in Buckhead? He can't be from Martha's Vinyard with THAT accent!
by Clayton Seth August 04, 2004
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A Southern WASP who wears Polo, Lacoste, J. Crew, Brooks Brothers, L.L. Bean, Southern Proper.... Always polite and never flashes their money but you can always tell they have it. Live in large houses (maybe a former plantation), has a membership at the country club, drives foreign cars: Mercedes- Benz, BMW, Volvo, Land Rover, and Audi. Often makes good grades and plays sports like Lacrosse, squash, tennis and golf. Always goes to the best schools of the south such as Hampden-Sydney, Elon, Duke, Wake Forest, Alabama, Vanderbuilt... When it comes to shoes expect to find top-siders without socks because nobody goes boating with socks on, also Clark's, brooks brothers, polo, L.L. Bean boots, the usuals. When it comes to formal events always shows up in a tux that they own, never rented and almost all the time wears a bow tie when they dress up, and the bow tie is always very fashionable. Occupations include: doctors, lawyers, politicians, engineers, accountants, and business leaders. Southern Preps know how to throw parties- we have the Kentucky Derby and we have sweet tea to add to the mix.
Preps Preppy South Southern Prep Sweet Tea
by smicarolina December 08, 2011
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Girls: Always look their best, Weither their hair is curly or striaght its put together every morning.
Wears: Polo, Locoste, sevens, Abercrombie & American Eagle(Mostly for jeans and skirts and what not)The amount of makeup depends on the person not the group as a whole some people liek to say that all preps wear little makeup thats however not true.
Purses: Most southern preps have at least one Louis Vuitton, coach, dooney and burke, kate spade, prada, fendi or christian Dior.
As far as jewlery it's a misconception once again to say that diamonds are not wore because most preps acutaly do wear them. Pearls are worn to but mostly for more conservative ones.
Cars: always somthing clasic but not too flashy, and "pimped out" cars arent acceplatble.
by Cutedancer05 July 25, 2005
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