23 definitions by Chad Wellington the 3rd

Something people won’t tell you in person

For guys out there if you don’t have piercing, blue, haunting eyes, a chisiled jawline,a 6 pack, a height 6 feet or preferably above, dimples, blonde or brown hair, clear skin, tan skin, and a 7 figure salary, then most women will see you as ugly

For women there is no such thing as most men today are thirsty af and will smash anything that gives them the slightest attention.
Although Jack was good looking, Nancy the land whale rejected him because he had brown eyes and she saw him as ugly for that reason
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 19, 2019
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People on Instagram who will follow you only to unfollow you the next day just so they can boost their following for clout. If these people request to follow you, and then unfollow you, just unfollow them... :)
Unfollowers are the worse people on Instagram.
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 02, 2019
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See GDI... These are (mostly girls) who hate the Southern Prep style, and call people basic. Yet this is the most common fashion trend in most high schools. The fugly style consists of wack ass skinny jeans, and anything that can be found at your local vans store, and hollister. The people who usually wear this style are the kids that are Mexican, and smoke pot while skating on a skate board. Also see punk
Man the skater style is sooo freaking ugly. Most of my Mexican relatives dress like this but I’m glad to be preppy! Greek life 4 life!
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 02, 2019
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A man who will talk shit about everyone and bring them down to compensate for his tiny dick.
Douche bag: hey bro you’re so uglyyy and a fag

Guy: Hey bro just because you drive an F150 that your daddy bought you doesn’t make your dick any bigger than 2 inches,and you say I’m ugly but tell me why you haven’t had a girlfriend while I dated a model... oh wait you’ve been friend zoned by all the nasty hoes you!?
Douche bag: Shut up pretty boy! My dick is big enough!

Guy: Small Dick talk all you want big boi.
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 27, 2019
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A female, usually unattractive in appearance. They can be seen listening to BTS and wear all black. They are typically distant with society and Anti-Social. Just like a Eugene this species is not to be messed with as they will shoot up the school if triggered enough.
Eugena is not a joke! Run Chad!
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 03, 2019
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