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a medium sized mammal that lives inside a woman's frontbottoms and weaves itself an elaborate protective canopy out of muff hair
Do you stock something called a vag badger?

No, we just sell shoes.
by CellBlock March 11, 2005
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Brags, Beats, and Variance

A common format of poker discussion, where one mentions something that went well (a brag), something that went poorly (a beat), and something that was unusual (some variance)
Check out the BBV thread on 2+2.
by CellBlock January 18, 2007
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To do a (usally dirty) chick from behind while shoving her head into a toilet.
Paris Hilton? She's nasty, but I'd still give her a tidy bowl.
by CellBlock November 11, 2005
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the Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher

will lock onto any vehicle in your line of sight
I just lit up that Hellbender with my AVRiL!
by CellBlock November 16, 2004
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A phrase to express major disappointment or being owned or making a glaring error.

The phrase is often accompanied by a gesture simulating said balls.
A: <fucks up>
B: Balls on chin. <gesture>
A: Yes, balls on chin. <returns gesture>
by CellBlock September 16, 2004
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approximately the sound one would make when choking on a man's cock or balls while performing a blow job.
Man: Oh, yeah, that's nice...
Woman: <glom>
by CellBlock October 04, 2004
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