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Pash,the above mentioned definition for a passionate kiss, a snog or a french kiss. Coupled with dash, (as in the word run) it is a term used for a moment where one left the scene soon after the pash and did not take things further 'in a physical sense' beyond the pash. A highly useful term to define an evening 'on the pull' in two words.
K: Did you pull last night?
C: Yeah, just a pash and dash.
K: Cool
by Cara April 05, 2005
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Gods. More specifically known as wonderboy&young nasty man,Jables and Kage,JD&KG..etc.
Its rare to be in Tenacious D.
by cara October 01, 2003
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Scottish, the sarcastic response to someone who you suspect is fibbing.
He said that? Aye, right.
by Cara October 17, 2004
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of great butt
oh, dang she fine!! SHE BOOTYLICIOUS!!
by Cara October 22, 2003
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Being awesome and lovable. Everyone strives to be a Pell. Other forms: Pellin, Pellish, Pellicious, Pelly, etc...
Last night I was so Pellicious!
by Cara June 21, 2004
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to have a piss
im just going for a gypsy's kiss
by Cara May 19, 2003
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a person who loves firefighting too much
"That whacker has so many blue lights on his vehichle!"
by Cara October 12, 2003
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