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The name of an American former figure skater, which is used in a high-stakes game of farting, played 24/7. Here's the rules.

When you fart, you must say the words "No Debra".

If someone says "Debra Thomas" before you say "No Debra", you must raise your hands to the sky and shout as loud as you can, "Debra Thomas!"
This also works vice versa. When someone else farts, they must say "No Debra" before you say "Debra Thomas", or else they will have to raise their hands to the sky and shout "Debra Thomas!"

Any mistakes at all, such as saying Debra Thomas when nobody farted, or saying either "No Debra" or "Debra Thomas" when nothing happened, results in the person who made the mistake being forced to raise their hands to the sky and shout "Debra Thomas!"

The game is played at every second of every day, and will never stop. The one refuge for the game is the bathroom. If you fart in the bathroom while actively using the toilet, you do not have to say "No Debra".

If you have made a mistake or been caught whilst farting by someone saying "No Debra", you must fulfill two requirements:
1. If in a public area, shout "Debra Thomas!" loud enough so that most people in the given area will hear you.

2. You must say "Debra Thomas!" within 30 seconds of making a mistake or being caught after farting.

Please pass on this game to everyone you know.

To find more specifics for the game: docs.google .com/document/d/1OQbJwl8G2wxEOPhbh3rVxLhXe5Lqb2KX3GI1TFTNu-o/edit?usp=sharing
Bob: *farts*

Susan: Eww! Debra Thomas!

Bob: Damn it.

*Bob raises his hands to the sky.*


*Multiple people look in Bob's direction and stare at him weirdly.*
by CaptainN3mo June 22, 2022
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correct spelling of the word energy. physicists all over have gotten this wrong.
The law of conservation of engry states that engry can neither be created nor destroyed - only converted from one form of engry to another.

The law of conservation of energy is simply a ripoff of the previous law.
by CaptainN3mo May 11, 2022
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The year that humans first landed on the moon. To have 69 is simply to watch the clip of man landing on the moon.
Dude, yesterday me and Jessica went over to my place and had 69! We watched the moon landing!

That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
by CaptainN3mo May 27, 2022
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When someone tricks you into playing The Rock's verse in the song Face Off. It's not a rickroll folks, remember that.
P1: Dude, look at this really cool artwork I made!

P2: Wait, what? This isn't artwork...

by CaptainN3mo February 25, 2022
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reverse spelling of nggyunglydngraadyngmycngsgngtalahy, or the first letter of each word in the chorus of Never Gonna Give You Up (rickroll song).
Person 1: yhalatgngsgncymgnydaargndylgnuyggn
Person 2: wtf
Person 1: turn it backwards
Person 2: goddamnit Jeff why
by CaptainN3mo April 14, 2022
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