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those rims are out da box.
by CR February 8, 2004
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being all dat
"mah celly is tha shit"
by CR July 27, 2003
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"That bastard, he's nothing but a cock gobbler!"
by CR August 1, 2003
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Major source of awesomeness on the popular webforum GiveUpAlready.com.

Also pronounced "dooooooos"
If I were only ^878907097809 more awesome, I'd be half of what doos is today.
by CR March 5, 2005
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The ruling syndicate at the popular webforum www.giveupalready.com. This pwnage syndicate once ruled over the entire site with a sexual fist of angst and lust, anal-raping all who got in their path. Today, ROKFD is still the ruling syndicate, but now battles the mod corruption with their fun and cheeky hijinks.

See also: ROKFDjr
by CR March 6, 2005
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noun A
- male who enjoys shoving his package into the anus of the same sex.
- someone who is naturally an imbecile
by CR September 19, 2003
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