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An elite group of members who perform many acts of kick-assery and the such. They are regarded poorly by their peers, but in the past they were of the highest calibur of member. All who come near an ROKFD rampage will be severly wounded and should be rushed to a hospital immediately. Never ask to join the ROKFD for they harbour no allies only enemies.

ROKFD stands for Rotten Octopus Kung Fu Dicks.
The ROKFD came in destroyed our crops, ravaged our women, and defiled the goat.
by Elmdor March 05, 2005
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The ruling syndicate at the popular webforum This pwnage syndicate once ruled over the entire site with a sexual fist of angst and lust, anal-raping all who got in their path. Today, ROKFD is still the ruling syndicate, but now battles the mod corruption with their fun and cheeky hijinks.

See also: ROKFDjr
by cr March 05, 2005
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The ruling force behind
Damn, if ROKFD wasn't around, this forum would be crap
by ROKFD PRIDE!!! March 05, 2005
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Imagine that a forums is a henhouse, eventually a fox enters the henhouse and tries to singlehandely eat all the chickens, he migh kill one ot two, but theres is going to be such a big fuzz that the site administrators will surely hunt he fox, castrate it, crucify it and *gasp* ban him from the boards.

Now The ROKFD are like a band of vultures,they fly around the hen house praying only on the weakest hens, they all take a bite from it, so no culprit can be found, when the admins arrive and see the corpse they don't have anything better to say than "well... internets, it was a lousy member anywyas"

the ROKFD live on the roof of the hen house, the mods try to scare them away with sticks and stones, but they fly around and eventually mods get tired and go back into watching amputee midget pron.

It's good to be ROKFD
Oh noes ROKFD are at it again...

This thread is obviously the art of ROKFD therefore it must be moved to spam and chat

when is your people (ROKFD) going to leave us alone

Mars05 is Hitler's wetdram
by Seguro January 21, 2006
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