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U.S. Army term for the human penis
I'll get a pack of blank adapters for my six inch yogurt launcher at the PX before my date with Suzy.
by C.C. Black November 08, 2007

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key question to ask when arranging a liason with an online escort agency; it will determine whether or not the lady in question will ingest one's ejaculate
Yes, yes, she's lovely... but for $5,500 an hour, does she Spitzer swallow?
by C.C. Black March 13, 2008

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human penis; so called for the in and out action during coitus, supposedly like the breaching and plunging of a dolphin
"Dude. Vera will be swimming with the pants porpoise tonight, bro!"
"Dude! Really?"
"Yup. She's finally giving up that poonanny, dude."
"Right on, dude."
by C.C. Black January 31, 2008

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Human male masturbation; so called because stroking the erect penis resembles, albeit tenuously, the action of removing scales from a game fish in preparation for cooking
Dude, that stripper gave me blue balls. I'm going in the crapper to think about her and scale the bass, then calling it a night.
by C.C. Black October 18, 2007

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U.S. Army term for a condom; it allows an individual to train minus the risk of firing live rounds or enduring an accidental discharge.
Hey Troop, make sure you got a pack of blank adapters before you step off the Traffic Light Lounge. You don't want some stripper showing up in 9 months with a fuck trophy to show you or coming home with drippy dick.
by C.C. Black July 10, 2009

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