Living a life based on what will look good on your facebook profile. Often, it is the result of facebook envy and a key element of the facebook paradox.
Sachin's got an awesome facebook life -- even though he hates everything French, he's living in Paris this summer so that people think he's cool when they read his profile and see his pictures on Facebook.
by azaad79 November 18, 2007
All of the 35-50 year old people that can finally make their own Facebook accounts. They try to reenact what the younger crowd does on Facebook by tagging pics and acting slutty.
A: Dude, your Mom has a Facebook account? She poked me and asked to be her friend. That's weird.

B: Yeah, she is having a Facebook mid-life crisis.
by BeEmDe2 October 3, 2008
Tendency for users new to Facebook (generally age 30-50) to completely reassess their lives after comparing themselves to the Facebook profiles of people known to them only in high school and college. May trigger some individuals to believe that the newly discovered and superficial Facebook interactions with former friends means that they are now friends again in real life - despite the fact that there has been no desire for contact for the past 20+ years. In severe cases, those afflicted with a Facebook mid-life crisis may attempt to recapture their perceived glory days of high school and/or college by trying to get back to their prom weight, attempting to date a past high school crush, or setting up a drumset in the basement.
Woman: "After joining Facebook, my husband said he 'had a lot to think about.' Then, he joined the gym, got his saxophone out of the attic, and said he is meeting a female 'friend' from high school for dinner on Friday."

Friend: "Sounds to me like he is having a Facebook mid-life crisis."
by Octoberstar May 8, 2009
1. Best used to describe people who spend an unhealthy amount of time on Facebook commenting on EVERYTHING and choose to reject your real world reality in favor of their own fantasy one.

2. Anyone answering to the name of Grant, Lee, Nicole, Ellen, Antoinette, and especially Lynette.
Lynette is such a hardcore FBWFL (Facebook Whore For Life) that she refuses to create a 25 Things About Me note cause she thinks she's better than you.
by Lord Grant February 3, 2009
addicted to Facebook and can't live without it .
you have a Facebook life and can't survive without Facebook
by Facebook life April 8, 2016