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Means spending all the money you have as fast as possible just because you have it. say, if you won the lottery and you went out and just bought anything and everything and didnt need any of it, but bought it just because you "could".
He got his paycheck and blew all the money within 2 hours, he was nigger rich.
by Burner June 19, 2004
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Mild blasphemy meaning "for Christs sake" (alternate definition for "criminy").
Crimeny, thats not a tea bag!
by burner January 24, 2004
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My Shit Don't Stink (originally Material Safety Data Sheets)
Hey Man, msds.
yeah...thats right!
by Burner January 22, 2005
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a girl, female, woman. perferrably uncharted territory meaning you havent had sex with the female yet.
Im tryin to go to the club and find me some Cheeks.
by Burner June 19, 2004
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Can be used as a descriptive word for a woman with very LARGE saggy flat breasts.
"Her breasts looked good in the bra, but when she took the bra off she had some Uganda titties."
by Burner June 19, 2004
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