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short for "fuckin awesome"
Dude, did you see me hit that dolpin with that egg... that was fawesome!
by Bubba October 13, 2003

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The more socially acceptable form of "holy shit," often used by shows such as Family Guy to slip past the FCC.
Prison Inmate: Holy crap! That sure was an excellent anal adventure, wouldn't you say so, Nick Carter?

Nick Carter: Holy crap, that hurt.
by Bubba December 12, 2004

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dollars; specifically 100 dolars
Let me get 5 bills playa
by Bubba January 22, 2004

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Evil old dictator who enjoys dressing up like a soldier and smoking cigars... Can't wait till he dies so I can party all night long.
Fidel Castro should die soon.
by bubba November 13, 2003

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Function: abbreviation
Pacific daylight time
The World of Warcraft Stress Test servers will be offline for maintenance starting at 11:40 pm PDT today.
by Bubba September 07, 2004

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A real engine.
Try towing a boat without a V8.
by bubba November 13, 2003

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A sexual act preformed my a male while doing a girl from the backside. The male places his thumbs in the females anus, gathering a "residue". He then takes his thumbs and drags them on each side of the females face, leaving sideburns made by the "residue".
This chick is a slut, shell prollly let me pull a Dirty Elvis on her.
by Bubba July 20, 2004

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