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Short for thirsty whore, a woman that hangs around college campuses looking to get fucked. These people usually carry diseases and don't care how many guys they're seen with. They should be avoided at all costs.
"Did you hear about Joe getting laid yesterday?"
"Yeah, I'm surprised he didn't bump dicks with the other guy on the way. Man, what a t-dub."
by tonytravis August 30, 2014
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the most intensely, legit, badass on the planet; a comedic genius misunderstood in his era; also sometimes referring to "Domination" by the rapper T-Dub
Guy #1: "Woah did you see that guy? He was so T-Dub!"

Guy #2: "You mean the guy that was on that pink tricycle?"

Guy #1: "Yea man didn't you see how badass he was?"

Guy#1: "These lyrics are so pro man!"
Guy#2: "Yea i kno! It's like T-Dub wrote it!"
Guy#1: "HAHAHAHA!"
by thatcrazyasiankid January 19, 2011
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Term used by video gamers for "teamwork." Possible situations involving T-dub include but are not limited to:

1. Saving a teammates life.
2. Avenging a teammate.
3. Using the "velociraptor method" to defeat an enemy.
Situation 1:
P1: "Help, I'm fucked."
P2: "No worries. T-dub."
P1: "Nice."

Situation 3:
P1: "Keep him busy."
P2: "T-dub"
P1: "Got 'em"
P2: "Nice."

by NeoBandit November 05, 2007
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T-Dub stems from the saying of Tan White Women. Not just a Tan White Women but one with ample assets and that likes to use what the good lord gave her.
Last night I Spider Monkeyed these two T-Dubs. It got out of hand.
by White Whip December 21, 2009
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5 foot 9 K1X/Team Flight Brothers streetballer. He is considered the best undersized dunker on youtube.
TDub can pull off 360's,between the legs, 360 between the legs,jump over players and put it between his legs while he does it.
by frankfurter23 July 20, 2009
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Tighty whiteys or TWs. May also be used to refer to someone that wears such ridiculous underwear.
She was so startled by the brilliant whiteness of his t-dubs that she fell right off the sofa.
T-dub walked into the bar, wondering why the table of girls was laughing at him.
by Lelu May 09, 2007
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