4 definitions by Bryx

Satisfying sex for both partners in every aspect of the intercourse way better than what expected!
Alex : wow! What a sex
Naomi : yea, It was maniac sex!
by Bryx August 3, 2016
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Wearing causal in a very cool and yet stylish fashion way!
Look at Hannah, She's always sporty specially with her new shorts!
by Bryx September 19, 2016
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Someone who conceals her/his health issue and is dishonest in general!
Hey Jim, Rob just called in sick again!
Yeah it's Rob, such an illary!
by Bryx September 15, 2016
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To invite oral sex , ask for having oral sex , refer to the pussy!
she's hot , let's taste the bush!
by Bryx November 9, 2015
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