4 definitions by Bryan manderson

Acronym: Elite Social Squad
Those lads which are regarded by all their peers as the superior form of the male species. You cannot even try to talk to one unless you have achieved a recognised status. They are dominant on the sports field, the pub and they get all the gash.
Slates: Richard, Jon and Luke dominate the E double S.
by Bryan manderson April 16, 2008
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Muddy Bum Crack
An act performed by a group of roudy rugby players, in which they victimise a birthday boy, by tackling him to the ground and restraining him, whilst others take clumps of mud and shove it up his butt.
Defensive line: hold, ready, MBC
Birthday boy: arrgh noooo, let go, get out my ass.
by Bryan manderson April 15, 2008
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Acronym of noun phrase: Dirty knees. Result of a male who gets down on his knees to perform fellatio on another male.
Rich: urgh ur dk,
Mark: no im not.
by Bryan manderson April 15, 2008
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Noun: A be there moment; a moment in the past which cannot be conveyed satisfactorily to those who were not present at the time. Any attempted conveyance of anecdote will meet with the tumbleweed effect, in other words a horrible awkward silence.
Jon: Oh yeah it was so funny in history today, James said 'LEEEEEICSTER SQQQUUUARE', it was so hilarious.
Mark: ...
Jon: Um.. or maybe not... it was a vampatu.
by Bryan manderson April 15, 2008
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