Acronym: Elite Social Squad
Those lads which are regarded by all their peers as the superior form of the male species. You cannot even try to talk to one unless you have achieved a recognised status. They are dominant on the sports field, the pub and they get all the gash.
Slates: Richard, Jon and Luke dominate the E double S.
by Bryan manderson April 16, 2008
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leeds, used commonly by chavs to determine their place of origin commonly followed by 'WOT WOT' just for extra brapping. Used with the gunz for effect.

Originates from the DJ Q and MC Bonez tunez. "You Wot!?" and "Get Mad"
John: Where you from?

Mr. Chavvy: L DOUBLE E D S WOT WOT!!

John: Oh...
by zh255050561 July 23, 2009
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