Your house or a friends house
Carl: Yo! We finna hit up The Hut after this?

Joe Thizzelle: Fasho my ninja
by PEN0RBUTTER April 3, 2008
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Pizza Hut. Oftened referred to as, "The Hut" by employees.
Friend: "Dude, gotta come out tonight!"
Pizza Slut: "Can't man, working at The Hut."
by The Original Pizza Slut May 14, 2010
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The Hut, otherwise known as Pizza Hut, is a sacred place. No one outpizzas the the hut. If you have done this, please contact the Dominos Liberation Army, an underground group dedicated to toppling the Hut Regime. Otherwise, you are going to die.
Friend 1: Dude, I outpizza'd the Hut and someone blew up my car!
Friend 2: I was afraid this day would come. Follow me. I know someone who can help you.
Friend 1: Thank you, I though that I was done for!
by Deutsches Kaiserreich February 6, 2020
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Short form for "heil" from "heil Hitler". Used by troublemakers to greet one another in a hilarious fashion while hiding the fact they're paying homage to Hitler, and getting their asses kicked.
H: hut hut
K: wow...
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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"Man, it's hut for that party tonight."

"It's hut for the beach tonight, the boys is out."
by stayweirdniggaaaaa July 31, 2013
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Enjoying the countryside in small wooden shelters. Like camping, but in a hut, or a log cabin, or a shed, or a chalet.
"I like hutting more than camping because when I come back to my hut for the weekend, all my things are already there."
by Wrekin July 1, 2015
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