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Usually a petit girl with a rockin body, most are blonde, very smart, and are a hand full in bed. They are the loving type and will usualy try to go out of their way to make someone happy. A great people person, they are friends with most everyone.
Guy #1: "That girl Courtaney is hot."
Guy #2: "Yea she is!"
by Somepersononthecomputer April 22, 2013
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Usually a short girl with a big butt, most are white, can spell "apple" right but not "Kourtney", only good for sex. I'm going to put a random sentence to make Courtaney sound like a sweet person. Another sentence to make Courtaney look good.
Guy #1: Courtaney is hott because her name.
Guy #2: True. Names really defines the looks of a person.
by urbanbarbie March 18, 2020
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