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A substance that is formed when a male doesnt know how to wash his frank and beans correctly.. Its a bacteria that grows from sweat, flakes of dead skin, and dirt, Sometimes mixed with ejaculate..
Your hungry? Yeah well ill make you a nice sandwich cover in fumunda cheese.. Yeah from under des nuts... Murwahahaha
by EvilToasterPastry August 01, 2003
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nasty-ass cheese lookin substance found between in places like a person's legs, groin, ass-crack,vagina,nut-sack...fumunda cheese is left over sweat and dirt from the day. People can get this by failing to wash up after a hard day's work or after a strenuous activity. Smells like some rotten shit mixed with major B.O.
"Yo, that nigga Amy be smellin funky ova there! It must be that fumunda cheese fumunda her ass!"
by JBeezy41 January 13, 2009
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cheese from under "fumunda" my nutsack
"would you like some cheese fumunda my nuts?"
by Mike "the man" R. February 20, 2003
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The junk that collects and forms under your balls.
"Want some fumundacheese?"
"What is that?"
"The cheese fum unda my balls"
by Chuza November 15, 2005
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The funkey nasty sweaty goo that is located on the goutch after a highly active day
He scratched his goutch and wiped his fumunda cheese on billy's teeth
by Feeny June 23, 2007
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(fuh-mun-duh cheez)
A mixture of dirt and sweat under a guy's balls.
Dude, I had so much fumunda cheese under my balls today.
by ??!!?? July 28, 2005
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Cheese like substance from the under side of testicles due to poor hygien.
How about some fum unda cheese for dinner bitch.
by DYLAN D GOTTI LEETCH October 31, 2007
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