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Band geeks are the coolist people you could ever know. The band room is their home away from home, they're there in the morning before school, when they should be in their other classes, for band, and after school. They often are in many different bands such as marching band, jazz band, and concert band. They go to every football and basketball game, not to watch their school teams win, but to be in pep band and often times play better than the sports teams. They usualy date other band geeks, or orch dorks, and hate those chior kids.
Those band geeks play better than the football team.
I'm such a band geek, I'm at school 2 hours before it starts, 4 days a week so I can be in jazz band, have advanced band every day in 5th period, and on Wed. I have sax lessons!
by Bre April 25, 2005

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A bus that most band geeks (especialy those in MB) ride to go on an 8 hour trip to festival or a contest. Many things happen on that bus, there's telling of jokes that only band geeks would get, making out and many stories about band bus rides.
What happens on the band bus, stays on the band bus...

"Do what Scott and I did on the band bus, make out."-Becca
by Bre April 25, 2005

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A the best saxophone in the family of saxs. It's the second largest and also considered to be a low woodwind. It has a very beautiful sound and if you're a girl and you play the bari sax, you can get any guy in band you want. Often you sit next to the funny tennor saxophone and tuba players. The best part of playing the baritone saxophone is when you get a rockin solo in Jazz Band.
OMG! Bre just hit Bob in the head with her bari sax!

Bari sax rox my sox!
by Bre April 25, 2005

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"Father" of Benji and Joel madden (orginally combs) he walked out on benji, joel, sarah (their sister), josh (their brother) and their mom on christmas eve 1995 :(
songs hes included in "emotionless"
its been a long hard road without you by my side why wernt you there all the nights that we cried you broke my mothes heart you broke your children for life its not okay but we're alright
by Bre January 22, 2004

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A kid who classifys there self as emo but still secretly have a Linsay Lohan fetish...bizzare
Go cry in a corner you emo pouser
by Bre June 18, 2006

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off the hook, or wicked cool, fly
p DIDDY'S concert last night was off the hizzi!!!!
by Bre April 01, 2004

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something old people say when reminiscing.
"way back in my time, we could get a loaf of bread, 3 cows, and a newspaper, all for a nickle... ah.. those were the days"
by bre May 24, 2004

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