14 definitions by Bre

A sexy man that raps about bitches, hoes, and area codes
by Bre December 17, 2004
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To go to the bathroom and do number 2
Dang cuz I gonna go boo boo
by Bre December 17, 2004
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haveing anal then stickin it in a girls v.j.
a girls bf gave her a rusty anchor
by Bre November 4, 2003
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think of a big number, then add 5 to that number. now, imagine you had that many twinkies. that's 5 more twinkies than the biggest number you could think of. now imagine those twinkies getting up and eating a sandwich. that's ralph.
this sentence is too long for the hugenacity of ralph.
by Bre March 9, 2004
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Band geeks are the coolist people you could ever know. The band room is their home away from home, they're there in the morning before school, when they should be in their other classes, for band, and after school. They often are in many different bands such as marching band, jazz band, and concert band. They go to every football and basketball game, not to watch their school teams win, but to be in pep band and often times play better than the sports teams. They usualy date other band geeks, or orch dorks, and hate those chior kids.
Those band geeks play better than the football team.
I'm such a band geek, I'm at school 2 hours before it starts, 4 days a week so I can be in jazz band, have advanced band every day in 5th period, and on Wed. I have sax lessons!
by Bre April 26, 2005
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"way back in my time, we could get a loaf of bread, 3 cows, and a newspaper, all for a nickle... ah.. those were the days"
by Bre May 24, 2004
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