13 definitions by Braavosi

A cluster-fuck; a naval term used to describe when everything is going wrong. See SNAFU
We got a charlie-fox! Contact 3 is off radar!
by Braavosi May 1, 2003
Peter Rasputin. A member of the X-Men who could change his skin to organic steel. Romantically involved with Shadowcat, A.K.A. Kitty Pryde, and with Zsaji, the alien healer. Killed while testing the cure for the Legacy Virus.
Poor old Colossus- he died for the team.
by Braavosi May 22, 2003
1. The eventual end of a person, the bottom of an arc, the last chapter, the last stand, the loss of life, removal from Earth, the ltimate paradigm shift. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing after it.
oh, here comes Death
hi death
by Braavosi May 1, 2003
1. The stinging cell of a jellyfish
Look! He's been impaled on a nematocyst!
by Braavosi May 1, 2003
"It's true! I'm a rageaholic! I can't live without rageahol!"
by Braavosi May 4, 2003
Rear Echelon Mother Fucker. One who has no frontline or combat experience, and therefore makes huge errors at expense of human life.

The REMF's decisions make sense only if you think of human beings as statistics. This is the main problem with REMFs- they think of people as numbers.
Shit! That REMF canceled the supply drop! We're on our own for this one!
by Braavosi May 1, 2003