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We will win the rugga.
by Bozza August 9, 2003
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d best race of all maco's short 4 macedonians which all of rockdale are renound for but dont forget us westies from abbotsbury :P d most attractive race of all.
fuck those maco's from abbotsbury are fukin hot pitchku mater
by Bozza November 9, 2004
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Work. Can be physical or mental.
That was hard yakka, eh ?
by Bozza November 21, 2003
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An Australia who usually goes by the name of Gaz, Darryn, Bazza or something similar, with a keen eye for holdens, fords and pannel vans. They are usually found sporting a fannellette shirt, tight, black ripped jeans, moccissons or ugh boots and AC/DC merchandise. The drink VB and are fans of rock music which may be heard blasting out their car windows as they "cruise" around the neighbour hood late at night.
"Oi Shiela"
"Wadda ya want Baz?"
"Get us a packet of smokes and a nuva VB from the fridge luv."
by Bozza August 29, 2003
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