23 definition by Bottom Ford

A hobby you spend hardly any time on, but that you claim because you bought the gear.
Bottom says he’s taken up bodyboarding, but it’s just a vacation micro hobby.
by Bottom Ford September 27, 2010

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A dance you can do with your hands while sitting at a stop light.
When Teenage Dream came on I wanted to jump out of my seat, but because I was driving I had to settle for the hand hula.
by Bottom Ford August 24, 2010

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A weather condition frequently seen in family photographs of a certain age, brought on by the ill-considered use of Scotch tape in scrapbooks and picture frames.
I found a photograph of Grandma sitting in her roadster under Scotch-tape skies.
by Bottom Ford January 02, 2010

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Knowledge or a system of knowledge covering improbable results of spa treatments or the operation of spa logic especially as fabricated for sales purposes and concerned with bodily appearance and sense pleasures.
Electric detox body wrap for weight loss? Sounds like spa science to me!
by Bottom Ford June 08, 2009

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1. The title of Matt Damon’s new spy thriller.

2. May refer to any extraneous or inferior movie sequel.
“You seen that new Matt Damon flick?”

“The Bourne Redundancy? Derivative, man.”
by Bottom Ford March 14, 2010

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1. A utopian distiller of single-malt scotch that would be located on the Isle of Islay if it existed.

2. A figurative single-malt scotch that, when consumed by house pets, causes them to demand more treats and attention than they deserve.
“Your dog won't keep his nose out of my dinner. He’s been hitting the Begmore too hard.”
by Bottom Ford January 03, 2010

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A shopping cart being pushed by someone in an impaired state who wishes to give the appearance of a thoughtful, considerate spouse.
“You push the stealth walker, honey. It will help you keep your balance while I load the groceries.”
“Thank you, my love. I feel like I’m going to fall over any minute.”
by Bottom Ford April 17, 2010

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