23 definition by Bottom Ford

A natural force that causes one creature to grab or grope another.
Overcome by the force of grabity, Bottom sank his claws into the bunny’s flesh.

“I would not,” he explained to the bunny, “invade your personal space in this way, were it not for the force of grabity.”
by Bottom Ford April 18, 2010

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When you are trying to eat Jello in an impaired state and it jumps to its death somewhere below the dish.
“Did any of that Jello get into your mouth?”

“No, it was a Jello suicide.”
by Bottom Ford April 03, 2010

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Abrasion caused by contact with rocks/reef in a surfing accident.
"Dig Bottom's reef rash. He wiped out bad."
by Bottom Ford September 16, 2009

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One of those annoying virgins who is super-friendly
Bottom went to his class reunion, which had been organized by an extravirg with nothing better to do.
by Bottom Ford March 04, 2010

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When you say something you know will cause your friend to make a face, and you make it first to avert an accusation of mimicry.
“I’m not mimicking you if I pout first.”
“It’s preemptive mimicry!”
by Bottom Ford September 27, 2010

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A turning dance performed with the aid of office chairs. May be synchronized with people you work with that you like.
In office chair ballet I can do eleven pirouettes!
by Bottom Ford August 24, 2010

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An adjective to describe anything worth blushing about.
Bottom hardly ever does anything blushworthy, but last week he was sleeping too close to the edge and fell off the bed.
by Bottom Ford September 03, 2010

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