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5 definitions by Bonita B. Pigsty

There may be snow on the moutain but there's plenty of fire in the belly!
by Bonita B. Pigsty July 31, 2003
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Eastern Indian female with a 'red dot' on the forehead
Damn, they got another red dot working the midnight shift at the 7-11
by Bonita B. Pigsty August 4, 2003
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A hamburger with lettuce, tomato and mayonaise that can be had at the Varsity in Atlanta and surrounding areas
Ah got me a glorified steak walkin' and a large PC
by Bonita B. Pigsty August 16, 2003
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TV show showing at 9:00 PM on Tuesdays on BET. A spinoff of Trading Spaces where bro's in the hood swap cribs to do some remodeling. Budgets are limited to whatever can be stolen from neighboring cribs within the 48 hour period.
Damn, did you see Queen Latifah on Trading Cribs last night. She is one hot bitch, but she don't shit 'bout no deck-o-raitin.
by Bonita B. Pigsty August 16, 2003
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