A rare and often attempted sex act.

During said act , a male inserts his penis into a flatulent female partners anus, at which point the female attempts to fart whilst the males penis in still inserted. With nowhere else for the fart gas to go, it enters the males dick hole. At this point, the male removes his penis from the womans anus, and farts the womans own fart gas back out from his dick hole.
Rob: Hey man, what'd you do last night?

James: Me and my woman tried pulling off a Queen Latifah last night, but she ended up shitting all over my dick.

Rob: Bummer.
by KWLONGBEAST August 30, 2009
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A sex act in which one unexpectedly sticks their pinky finger into the receiving party's anus, causing the receiving party's eyes to bulge out and make a surprised laughing like sound that sounds eerily reminiscent to the Rapper/Actress Queen Latifah.
"My lady pissed me off last night, so while I was doin her doggy style, I gave her a Queen Latifah."
by Steve Drambus September 6, 2011
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Actor whose popularity can be accredited to being black and overweight
wow, Queen Latifah sure isn't talented or good looking.. but wait! shes black and overweight, we have to like her now
by Squishmanchu February 27, 2006
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Thicklicious black female rap artist famous for such tracks as "U-N-I-T-Y" & "Ladies First"; star of old Fox sitcom "living single"; voice of the "Pizza Hut" ads ('Get with the good stuff!'); Oscar nominee for best supporting actress ("Chicago"); tig-ole bitties- but she recently had a boob reduction; recently crossed over into vocal jazz with her Grammy nominated "Dana Owens Album"; host of the 2005 Grammy awards; star of "Barber Shop 2" and the upcoming "Beauty Shop"; celebrity ebony thick-girl wet-dream of many.
man, that shoday is thick, like Queen Latifah... I'd do her in a minute
by Ben "Scarlet Spider" Reilly February 14, 2005
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A talentless, hideous, obese rapper-turned-actress who has appeared in 97% of all movies made from 1990 onward.
"Why did they cast Queen Latifah for this part? She's fat and untalented."
"Probably to hear her say, 'Oh no you didn't!!' They like making her play a stereotype. A REALLY untalented stereotype."
by kevhanel August 5, 2006
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Any time or event where it would be fully appropriate for Queen Latifah to pop out, swing by, etc. while saying "AWW, HELL NAH!" due to the stupidity of said event.
A Queen Latifah Moment would be declared as follows:

"Queen Latifah: Trash Can!" would indicate that it would be appropriate for her to pop out of the nearby trash can, say "AWW, HELL NAH!" then return into the depths of the trash can.
by -MAZ- December 6, 2006
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To have breath so bad it smells like youve spent a dirty night with the rotund queen of hip hop
" Damm that dudes got some queen latifah breath"
by jazzcat June 16, 2005
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