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A fire that burned down the Eddies firehouse and was visible if you looked from the unfinished bridge with a 60 foot gaping hole.
While Adolf was sleeping, he was dreaming about Auschwitz and the Eddies Fire.
by Bob Tibbles December 07, 2006

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An act or phrase that is just beyond belief homosexual. When you use "Soo Gay", you are referring to something that has many faggish qualities to it.

When I saw James giving and Stuart recieving, I said to my friend, Adolf, "SOO GAY"
by Bob Tibbles December 01, 2006

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Telling a blind girl that you'll walk here home and then taking her back to your place to fuck her.
When Tanya, that busty blind girl, needed some one to take her home, I told her I would, knowing 100% that I would take her back to my place and and peform sexual activities with her such as Walking the Blind, sucking her tits, and telling her that I have a gun to her head and that I would kill her unless she gave me head.
by Bob Tibbles November 23, 2006

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The art of being 110% gay
When Xi Hong, throw his chopsticks at me, i called him Full Blown Gay.

While Hector Sanchez was farting after his burritos, I knocked him across the head, called him a mexican, and told him to stop being Full Blown Gay or I'd call Immigration Serivces
by Bob Tibbles November 27, 2006

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The term to describe getting someones ass or the action of slaughtering underprivileged children.
After Baker and I beat up the handicap kids, we said to each other: "Got His Ass"
by Bob Tibbles November 23, 2006

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When a man asks his fellow bachelor if he fucked the shit out of these 2 blondes for 4 straight hours. Along with sex, he asks if the man sucked nipples, "shocked" girls, and licked loads of pussy.
Man: Did you tap that again?
Bachelor: Once at her place, once at mine.
by Bob Tibbles November 27, 2006

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The art of being 50% gay
While Malcolm was eating his fried chicken, corn bread, watermelon, and grape drink, he was being Semi-Gay.

Because Sean has 3 chromosome 21's, he was being Semi-Gay.
by Bob Tibbles November 21, 2006

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