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A guy who women always stay away from at any cost. If he were to walk along the sidewalk the women would usually make the effort to cross over to other side. The majority of the time it is not due to any obvious things like ugliness or poor hygiene but more to do with a certain creepiness which women are somehow able to detect with their 6th sense. Women will often walk extreme distances to avoid this person and are known to even loop back to ensure that they do not have to come within a few feet of the femtractor.
There are femtractors all over the globe, in many cases they do nothing wrong but somehow give off a certain vibe that make women feel very uneasy.
by Bladi February 20, 2008
Thick, bushy, forest-like eyebrows that resemble those on Andy Rooney's forehead.
Oh shit look at those guy's Rooneybrows. There's more hair on his forehead than on his head.
by Bladi February 20, 2008
The hottest woman in the world. A Canadian actress known best for her role in the l word. She's got the most amazing eyes and is just so fucking hot I can't believe there isn't a definition of her up here yet. She's also got the sexiest voice you can imagine and comes across as very intelligent.
Mia Kirshner is in the words of derek zoolander "ridiculously good looking".
by Bladi September 10, 2008
A British actor who I grew up watching on Black Adder and that other show he did with that fag. He has the worst phony American accent known to man and somehow feels he has to change his voice when he speaks American English. If Americans actually thought he was American, they need to kick themselves in the nuts HARD, because he may as well be speaking Punjabi.
Hugh Laurie sucks as an American, stay British you faggot.
by Bladi April 30, 2007
Hip Hop music that comes from anywhere in Britain. Most notably London.
Blak Twang is a dope emcee representing for Brit Hop.
by Bladi February 24, 2008
Something that's likely to be stolen.
Keep an eye on your suitcase, it's liable to grow legs.
by Bladi February 26, 2008
A loser who is burning his/her life away.
You can't just sit in your room and jerk off all day, don't become a burning wick.
by Bladi February 20, 2008